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Waste water refers to all effluent from household, commercial establishments and institutions, hospitals, industries and so on. Effluent refers to the sewage or liquid waste that is discharged into water bodies either from direct sources or from treatment plants. Influent refers to water, waste water, or other liquid flowing into a reservoir, basin or treatment plant.

Pumping of residential septic systems should take place approxamently every 3 years to maintain proper system operation. We offer residential septic pumping throughout the Fingerlakes Region.

We have the equipment, knowledge and experience whether you have a backup, broken lids, risers, filters or a complete system failure, we've got you covered!

At Ricks every job begins with an accurate evaluation whether it is a basic repair or a complete system, we've got you covered! We work closely with soil, water and local engineers to asure that every system is designed to work properly and meet all building codes. Let us find the best solution for your septic needs.


Who We Are:

Richard Tillack Excavating and Trucking, LLC

We are a Canandaigua, NY based septic service company dedicated to providing you with exceptional service at a fair price. Rick's Septic Service is trained to pump any type of septic system and provide Deed Transfer Inspections as well as repairs and installations. We are committed to the environment and environmental friendly techniques. All waste water is disposed of at authorized waste water treatment facilities.

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